VRO stands out as an exceptional game that maintains stability and receives daily updates! Our game runs on a highly reliable machine, equipped with a customized compilation kernel.

Operating on the PK Server model, we prioritize the thrill of player killing, which we believe to be the most enjoyable aspect of the game. VRO has been running successfully for nearly four years, ensuring daily database backups for added security. Additionally, we have implemented a Dual guild war system that enables players from all corners to participate in intense Guild warfare!


VRO is a server that embraces anarchy, where PKing reigns supreme! Here, people engage in unrestricted combat, where the rules are tossed aside and player killing, drop stealing, and targeting new players are all fair game.

VRO stands out as the sole online private server that features the functional Hallucination Walk’s ability and a plethora of newly customized skills, ensuring the most exhilarating gameplay experience ever offered by VRO!

Unlike other games that struggle with a lack of diversity and imbalance between races, VRO has successfully achieved equilibrium by incorporating a wide range of hostile and alternative races and professions. Regardless of the race you choose, you’ll find the game to be equally engaging and fulfilling, whether you opt for a Blacksmith or a Hunter. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve even designed a profession test that enables you to select the race that best suits your in-game preferences. Unlike other servers, we don’t blindly follow every latest update, prioritizing our own unique vision and preserving the fun for our players.