Full Client

*This is the full client and you have everything in it to play VRO

CLIENT V. 2022-04-26

1. Download the Full VRO Client
2. Extract the 7zip file. Use the program stated under troubleshooting.
3. Patch both kRO-RSUs inside the folder till it states “Patch Complete”
4. Run VanRO Play.exe and wait for the patch to finish
5. Enjoy.


My client crash or have error even if I have patched everything

1. You an try to reset te patch by repatching it. Open VanRO.dat file with notepad and change the number inside to 0. Save and reopen Play VanRO.exe to patch again. If it does not work, please consider reinstalling VanRO Full Client.

I downloaded but during patching, it stays stuck on a number

This problem may occur from time to time when patching a big file. You do not need to worry, you can close lay VanRO.exe and open it back and try again.

(Game doesn’t run or I get a random error or fails at the Patcher)
After Clicking Play Vanro.exe, patcher doesn’t run or I get through the patcher but nothing happens after I click Start.

1. Select the Play Vanro.exe
2. Right-click the selected Play VanRO.exe
3. Choose to “Run as Administrator”

(Game opens in a very small window)
My VanRO Client opens but only in a very small window. I can’t see anything.

Go into your VanRORE Folder and replace your setup.exe(Ghostring Image) with this New Setup.exe then run it and choose your desired client resolution

(How to extract downloaded file?)
My VanRO Client opens but only in a very small window. I can’t see anything.

Download this program called 7zip in order to extract the files. Link: CLICK ME

(Windows 8 small window size problem)

Same as the one instructed above “(Game opens in a very small window)” only additional instruction is to run your new setup.exe in compatibility mode for windows 7.