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Welcome to VanRO private server

VanRO is a unique RO mode project that has achieved equilibrium of various hostile and alternative races and professions. Normally games can't cope with a huge list of different races. They face two main problems. One problem is lack of variety, everything seems to repeat oneself. Another problem is the disequilibrium, when one race becomes dominant in relation to another.

VanRO is the only Online private server having Hallucination walk working and tons of New customized skills to give VanRO the best gameplay Ever!

VanRO is one of a small number of games having tackled these classic problems. Having chosen any race, you can enjoy the full value of the game and can't feel oneself as the appendage of some other races: you will not make a mistake and will not regret your chose, where it is a Blacksmith or Hunter! They are of equal worth. But for your convenience, we have arranged a racial test. You may pass the test and choose the most appropriate race, according to your preferences in the game. We are the only server which follows our owns rhymes and not having always the latest update to ruins the game funs of players.


Facebook News

Come and Enjoy the Fun with us. A lot of Events with Great Prizes!

Visit the link below!
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Let's see which job class combination will rise!

STRONGEST PARTY EVENT is Officially Open for Registration.

The Event Will Start on Dec 16 2018 till Dec 23 2018

1 hr After Payon WOE


All Skills and Items are Allowed
No Pets
No Same Cloth color with other Party
GVG On Map
Drop Items Disabled
No Same Job on Each Party
No Taekwon Rankers
Spectators are Allowed


*To Register Each Team need to form A party and maximum of 3 members

*Participants must post there Party Name,Members and Job.


Party Name : QWE
Party Cloth Color:123
Party Members Names :

A - Sura

B - Rune Knight

C - Royal Guard

Registration will end on 12/15/2018 00:05 Server Time.

Event Location~

Geffen Magic Tournament

To Register for this event, log-in here- >http://vanserver.com/board/index.php?/topic/44468-2018-11-29-strongest-party-event/
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====[2018-11-27] Updates====

[Expanded Class]
[Gunslinger] Triple Action - Boosted 40%
[Gunslinger] Full Blast - Boosted 180%

[Ninja] Exploding Dragon - Fixed zero(0) Damage Bug.
[Ninja] Snow Flake Draft - Fixed zero(0) Damage Bug.

[Hunter Class]
[Ranger] Warg Bite - Auto chances Reduce by 50%
[Ranger] Arrow Storm - Damage reduce by 20% . Currently, the damage is too high and does not match how it was supposed to be.
[Ranger] Special Trap - Fire Trap can hit Hover Status, Ice Trap Can hit Hover Status, Magenta Trap Can hit Hover Status
[Sniper] Traps - All Traps can use while riding Warg

[Monk Class]
[Champion] Asura Strike or Guillotine Fist - Boosted by 25%

====[2018-11-25] Fixes & Updates====
HP Increase 20% all jobs more tolerable the strong damage.

Taekwon Mission - Remove monster not listed in map. Chonchon (Special) Fabre (Special)
Weapon Refine - Enable Weapon refine for weapon level 3 below.
Wag Strike - Delay animation while using normal fixed
Cold Slower - Added After cast delay
Knuckle Boost - Added After cast delay
Asura Strike - Damage increase by 15%

Circlet Of Kriemhild fixed
Rock Ridge item Translation Fixed
Bloody Floral Decoration Microphone can be worn now by Wanderer Class
Vesper Card - Ignore def of boss type monster from 30% to 100%
Sealed Vesper Card - Ignore def of boss type monster from 15% to 50%
Incantation Samurai Card - Ignore Def of Boss and Normal Monster
Costume Floral Waltz - Corrected Sprite

Added Charge Aura
Costume Super Saiyan 3
Saiyan God Hair
Costume Black Strong Hair
Costume Red Strong Hair
Costume White Strong Hair
Hair Of The Strong

Celestial Dark Frame - Sprite Corrected

@go command - Splendid Fix

Monster - Adding Def on Seagods Quest Monster
Pet - Darklord Remove blind effect.
Event Race - Disable Halter,Disable Santa bag

Deleting character does not require 24 hours waiting anymore.

====[2018-11-14] Updates====
Def - will no longer go to negative when you exceed 99.

[MECHANIC] usable skills in Madogear
Item Appraisal
Weapon Repair
Hammer Fall
Adrenaline Rush
Maximize Power
Cart Revolution
Change Cart
Crazy Uproar
Shattering Strike
Decorate Cart
Emegency Call

it wont affect itself and party anymore

[LORD KNIGHT] - CONCENTRATION Status Icon Correction (remove improve concentration icon)

MERCHANT CLASS - Change Cart 2 Is now available in skill master npc.

Royal Guard - Prestige Fixed

Ancila - Remove item Stack
Darklord pet - fixed item sprite & translation
Fixed Some Korean Characters in description and Unknown item Sprite
RCW CROWN 2nd & 3rd - Remove account bound restriction

Ring of the Wise King should be fixed
Event Token Trader (Fixed)
Valkyrie Gift are now available for trading

Monster Event Bapho Fixed

====[2018-11-12] updates====
[Guillotine Cross] Cross Impact Damage boosted
[Performer Class] Severe Rainstorm Damage Boosted
[Performer Class] Metalic Sounds Damage Boosted

INSTANCES - Jitterbug

New Items ====
Bow of Storm [1]
Gigantic Bow [1]
Floral Mic of Aigu [2]
Ukulele of Newoz [2]
Floral Bracelet of Aigu [1]
Hero Ring of Newoz [1]
Pendant of Chaos
Pendant of Harmony
Pendant of Maelstrom
Sound Amplifier [1] Can be found in TCG Trader, Vanro Modified

NEW Cards====
- Playing Ferre Card (Vanro Modified Performer Class Only)- Increase physical damage against neutral property monsters by 5%.
-Singing Ferre Card (Vanro Modified Performer Class Only)
-Jitterbug Card (Vanro Modified Reduce damage taken from neutral property monsters by 5%.) Does not Stack, Awaken Form disable
-Awakened Ferre Card

Fixed - Fix a server disconnection/crash that happens when a player joins some maps.

====[2018-11-10] Updates====
DD Asura is Back
Hellfire Damage boosted

Quest Added====
Fistful of Zeny Quest - Speak with Karam Pucci in Alberta at (/navi alberta 240 103) and and accept his mission.
Wanted Dandelion Quest

Affable Lady
The Affable Lady (/navi har_in01 24 69) exchanges zenies for some armors unique to Rock Ridge.
Elemental Cape
Golden Scarf
Mine Worker's Backpack
Vigilante Badge
Hippie Feather

New Cards====
Card Spider Chariot Card
Card Coyote Card
Card Gaster Card
Card Marsh Arclouse Card
Card Brown Rat Card
Card Elite Scimitar Buffalo Bandit Card
Card Elite Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card
Card Elite Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card
Card Scimitar Buffalo Bandit Card
Card Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card
Card Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card

PETS - Pet is not losing any intimacy when the owner die anymore.

====[2018-11-08] Updates====
18779 RWC Champ Crown First Place is now tradable
Affection Set corrected heal power

Race Event should be working fine

Kyrie Elesion fixed. the amonra card has no issue.
[Ranger] Wug Strike Added Delay Animation. (Kiel Card Base)
[Champion] Reduce Soul Collection same as Pre migration. We decide to keep how it is by popular demand.
[Sorcerer] Boosted Variety Spear

NPC Card Remover - Added Some fixes, you cant use it while you have 50% Overweight.

Sura - Added 290 SP
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