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    • Well.we just have to wait for SOME good updates for the slinger job. Emp breaker maybe. Lol
    • I tried every combination, every card, every weapon. Their damage won't go pass 20k. Sadt.
    • yeah. done that already too. i think he's doing something about it too.  
    • Yeah, bro. Those skills need to be boosted because GS falls behind in weapon slots. I already sent a message to Van.
    • Gattling Fever. Sniper Card. Full Buster. Tracking. Not Asking Much.     
    • Farming BOG? Go 16! Kill those plants!
    • +10 pick only gives you 70ATK. 
    • Bro, in RMS..MA ignore's caster %dmg cards. I already suggested to Wyvern to remove that. Yes. When I started playing few months back, I noticed the damage increase in Blitz Beat. It really is a cookie-cutter build. But still, Sharpshooting is wasted.  Consider it done, bro. 
    • So? It means that? Clean pick's and ups pick the same?
    • High refined picks does not significantly improve your damage output as it doesn't have the same effect in old HR where it gives you 1% atk per 2 refines. 
    • Blitzer type snipers are strong in this server, you can also use strip cards in combination with your normal attacks to make it even powerful! But I 100% agree with the sharpshooting buff, in most transcended servers sharpshooting is the no.1 AOE DPS to wipe a stack sadly it is ignored in this server. can you personally reach out to vanpriest (Kien Van Tram) in facebook in order for him to hear out your requests and suggestions, he is much more responsive there than here. hopefully you can get your ideas implemented in the server! 
    • very innovative ideas! hope this will get noticed. 
    • Hi, VanRO! I made this post with the intention of making the Gunslinger - a flashy, confident, and deadly class -  much more enjoyable! I hope that GMs will consider these things that I'll discuss/suggest below.  I have been testing out the skills of the Gunslinger class, and some various build that comes with it and I can say with certainty that this class needs a serious rework/buffs. PVP-wise, I have been following Kino (an active PVP Gunslinger nowadays) for days now, I noticed some minute details about the way he plays the class.   A. Skills 1. Coin Flip. Flip a coin, if it lands showing head, a coin will appear floating next to the caster. If it's tail, the caster will lose 1 coin. A player can collect up to 10 Coins. The higher skill level the greater the chance the coin will land showing head. The more coins collected, the lower the chance to gain additional coins. A frustrating skill. Gunslinger's version of 'Call Spirits' mixed with RNG. It makes them a punching bag when used in the middle of the fight.  Rework: Now always succeeds. Active coins now adds +5 ATK each. 2. Adjustment. Rework: Remove coin requirement. 3. Increase Accuracy. Rework: Remove coin requirement. From Hit+20, Dex+4, Agi+4 to Hit+20, Dex+ 4%, Agi 4%. 4. Last Stand. Rework: Remove coin requirement. Can be used together with Adjustment skill. 5. Disarm. Rework: Usable by all guns except Grenade Launcher. 6. Dust. Rework: Usable by all guns except Grenade Launcher.  7. Ground Drift. Rework. Use ATK%/DMG% instead of ATK. 8. Reduce bullet consumption of some skills by half. 9. Fix Gunslinger's animation. Sometimes you get stuck.   B. Items 1. Bow Thimble. Gunslingers have limited accessories to use. With this, this should help boost their firepower. 2. Expert Rings. Of course! 3. Implement their Elemental Bullets and it's respective cartridges.  Bullet   Bloody Shell   Silver Bullet   Armor-Piercing Shot   Freezing Bullet   Blazing Bullet   Lightning Bullet  Magic Stone Bullet  Refer to this link: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Bullets   C. Advance Skill Lock and Load! -  Active. Max level 5. Provides various different buffs depending on the user's equipped weapon. Changing weapons cancels the effect. Pistol - Reduce after-cast delay by 1% per skill level when equipped with Pistols. Rifle - Adds 5 HIT per skill level when equipped Rifles. Shotgun - Decreases all damage taken by 2% per skill level when equipped Shotguns. Gatling Gun  - Adds 5% CRIT DMG per skill level when equipped Gatling Guns. Grenade Launcher - Adds 5% chance to inflict Stun, Blind, and Bleeding when equipped with Grenade Launcher.   Any comments and suggestion is appreciated! Thanks! @Wyvern @Maya @vanpriest    
    • 450 TCG each pm me in game IGN:Annie Gee
    • Well, I'm just curious cos your IP is the same as that person. Also, I'm not very techy so I don't know how IPs work. I checked the last IPs of that player and he has similar IPs with other players. I can't just ban players because they have the same IP. I will let @Maya handle this since she more experienced with tracing IPs.
    • Again and again 😮‍💨 i am not associated with that person GM. I only have 3 accounts in this server. You can check the email address registered for clarification.
    • Fixing Gattling Fever should be enough for gunslingers.
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