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Welcome to VanRO private server

VanRO is a unique RO mode project that has achieved equilibrium of various hostile and alternative races and professions. Normally games can't cope with a huge list of different races. They face two main problems. One problem is lack of variety, everything seems to repeat oneself. Another problem is the disequilibrium, when one race becomes dominant in relation to another.

VanRO is the only Online private server having Hallucination walk working and tons of New customized skills to give VanRO the best gameplay Ever!

VanRO is one of a small number of games having tackled these classic problems. Having chosen any race, you can enjoy the full value of the game and can't feel oneself as the appendage of some other races: you will not make a mistake and will not regret your chose, where it is a Blacksmith or Hunter! They are of equal worth. But for your convenience, we have arranged a racial test. You may pass the test and choose the most appropriate race, according to your preferences in the game. We are the only server which follows our owns rhymes and not having always the latest update to ruins the game funs of players.


Facebook News

Congratulations Rainbow Gaming Guild!

Saturday- Payon WoE
° 1st Week (07-21-2019)
º Target Castle Event - Bamboo Grove Hill -- Rainbow Gaming = Won 3 Pts
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3 days ago  ·  

!! Art Of War TCE GvG Event !! will commence this Sunday, July 21, 2019

- 1st Place - Grand Prize - Costume Espíritos Taiji - Lower (ID:19380) (+1 all stats +3% resistance for all elements )

- Runner up - Minor Prize - Costume Nekomimi Cape -Lower (ID:24476) (+1 all stats + 2% Resistance Neutral)

- Conso Prize is 3 TCG + 50Btix

ºNOTE: if we realize that dual characters in winning and runner-up guild, only one of them will get the reward

May the best team win!
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5 days ago  ·  

Calling all artists !! Loading Screen Contest July 2019 is now open !!

~ P R I Z E S ~ + - A winner or participant has the possibility of a chance to be the next Graphic Game Master.

2 Grand Winners (1 for original and 1 for rendering category but could also be only 1 winner if entries are not good enough)
= Costume Spell Circuit (upper headgear) (+2% damage reduction from players/demi-human)

2nd to 4th placers = Any Kaho-able headgear of choice [1] slotted + Costume Alarm Mask (middle headgear)

5th to last (for decent entries) =- Costume Alarm Mask (middle headgear)

-No advertising of any kind (not even guild publicity, but yes, you can draw your chars and stuff)
- Resubmission of non-winning entries is not allowed.
- Original entries need to give a short summary of how they made it.
- Credit the owners of the images you use (For example, "©All images belong to their respective owners").
- TRACING IS NOT ALLOWED (this goes for original art since it's "original")
- No multiple accounts.
- No sharing of Photobucket/Imageshack/DeviantArt account or any other web page where you can upload your entries (Will be -counted as cheating if there are two participants using the same account).
- We might add your Loading Screen even if you didn't win.
- No RO2 images.
- If I have any doubt about your entry, I will ask you to give me the .psd file or any working file I can check.
- Your post must have an answer to this question, "Do you have the knowledge and skills in video making and editing?"

J U D G I N G C R I T E R I A:
★ Design and creativity (40%): Risk, audacity, creativity, color, diagramming, etc.
★ Office (30%): Not pixelated, neat junction. For Originals: Clean lines, painting inside them if that's your intention.
★ Resources and difficulty (30%): Graphic complexity.

For more info, visit our forum at vanserver.com/board/index.php?/topic/46608-loading-screen-contest-july-2019/

#rHEYz #ColeCash #Swanna #ChihayalFuru #Bluehoneybee #Scythe #ResetGirl #Kharadun #Mubeungjangsugiwon #Syrrah #Shamash #Poloroid #Bla #ArrowShower #Helium #Deceiver #Marycelline #prensyn #Sting #MeWhoMustNotBeNamed #Muning #Lothars #Sheng
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6 days ago  ·  

~ Art Of War TCE GvG Event ~

~ The event will be from July 21, 2019 until August 11, 2019. ~

º Mechanics:
° Guild vs Guild ( Woe Type )
º TCE Points
º Winning Guild earns 3 points
º will only have 4 weeks using the TCE system time
º if there is a tie in points there will be another tie-break round.
° pk allowed will only be allowed at 3rd room and the emp room

Saturday- Woe Payon
° 1st Week starting on 07-21-2019
º TCE - Bamboo Grove Hill 22:00 ~~ 23:00 (ph time sunday 10:00~11:00)

Saturday - Woe Payon
º 2nd Week Starting on 07-28-2019
º TCE - Bamboo Groove Hill 22:00 ~~ 23:00 (ph time sunday 10:00~11:00)

Saturday - Woe Payon
º 3rd Week Starting on 08-4-2019
º TCE - Bamboo Groove Hill 22:00 ~~ 23:00 (ph time sunday 10:00~11:00)

Saturday- Woe Payon
º 4th Week Starting on 08-11-2019
º TCE - Bamboo Grovee Hill 22:00 ~~ 23:00 (ph time sunday 10:00~11:00)

º 5th Round Only if you are drawn.
° Most number of points will naturally be the grand winner
º Note, event will start, after normal woe 21:00 ~~ 22:00
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1 week ago  ·  

[Server Updates - 2019.07.08]


all renewal def divided to 5.
kindly report if less def.
def description divide 5
Def corrected
Reinforced Parts - Engine [1]
Reinforced Parts - Booster [1]
Reinforced Parts - Gun Barrel [1]
Reinforced Parts - Plate [1]
STR Supplement Equipment
Reinforced Parts - Gun Barrel [1]
AGI Supplement Equipment [1]
DEX Supplement Equipment [1]
White Wing Boots
White Wing Brooch
White Wing Manteau
White Wing Suits
Valk Shield
Valk Armor
Valk Shoes
Valk Manteua
Sacred Mission
Memory Book


RSX Fixed


Token of War Trader
Heroic Backpack [1] = 250 token
Costume Diabolic Lapel (+10 allstats) = 250 token
Costume Heroic Backpack(+10 allstats) = 300 token

Server side~~

We are migrating our server into a new location that should be faster for most of our players.

Status: Completed
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1 week ago  ·