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Welcome to VanRO private server

VanRO is a unique RO mode project that has achieved equilibrium of various hostile and alternative races and professions. Normally games can't cope with a huge list of different races. They face two main problems. One problem is lack of variety, everything seems to repeat oneself. Another problem is the disequilibrium, when one race becomes dominant in relation to another.

VanRO is the only Online private server having Hallucination walk working and tons of New customized skills to give VanRO the best gameplay Ever!

VanRO is one of a small number of games having tackled these classic problems. Having chosen any race, you can enjoy the full value of the game and can't feel oneself as the appendage of some other races: you will not make a mistake and will not regret your chose, where it is a Blacksmith or Hunter! They are of equal worth. But for your convenience, we have arranged a racial test. You may pass the test and choose the most appropriate race, according to your preferences in the game. We are the only server which follows our owns rhymes and not having always the latest update to ruins the game funs of players.


Facebook News

Get these limited edition Halloween Costumes! Quest starts at Borat Reaper NPC somewhere at Niflheim Town.

website: www.vanserver.com
forum: www.vanserver.com/board
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13 hours ago  ·  

Hello VanRO aficionados!

The long awaited Major Update/Server Upgrade is finally HERE!

It's time to level-up your gaming experience!

Patch/Update your client NOW & check the new Job [Doram Race - Summoner], additional features and many more...

vanserver.com - Official Website
vanserver.com/board/ - Official Forum
www.facebook.com/vanroofficial/ - Official FB Community Page
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3 weeks ago  ·  

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The major update that everyone is waiting will be performed tomorrow for few hours. 😀 !! ... See MoreSee Less

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Items ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gloruis Suit #2394
Maxhp +20%
If Refine +4 Additonal 55% on MaxHP
If Refine +8 Additional 10% on MaxHP
If Refine +9 Additional 5% on MaxHP

Sealed Mistress Card #4484
Increase MaxSP Usage by 400%
Sealed Incantation Samurai #4499
Player Def Piercing by 80%

Elite Siege Supply Box #14003
A box containing 40 Berry Ticket & 5 Vanpriest Lunch Box

Ancient Gold Ornament #18570
Bug Fixed
Fox Ears Ribbon #25011
+3% Attack Range
Costume (Upper)

Flame Muffler #31935
+3 all stats
Lower Headgear
Can be enchant
Reward for 15th Anniversary Vanro Last Guild Standing Event
Enchant Item added
Resistance Stone 1 #32374 (Demi Human Resistance 2%)
Resistance Stone 2 #32375 (Demi Human Resistance 3%)
Resistance Stone 3 #32376 (Demi Human Resistance 4%)
Accuracy Stone 1 #32377 (Hit 2%)
Accuracy Stone 2 #32378 (Hit 3%)
Accuracy Stone 3 #32379 (Hit 4%)
Soul Stone 1 #32380 (Increases MaxHp & MaxSp by + 2%)
Soul Stone 2 #32381 (Increases MaxHp & MaxSp by + 3%)
Soul Stone 3 #32382 (Increases MaxHp & MaxSp by + 4%)

Dark Blinder [1] #18609 Added No Blind Effect

NPC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jorice Pet Master
Contained Tame Items & Pet Food
located at prontera,216,211

Fixed Event Token Trader / Valkyrie Gift Trader
Valkyrie Token Trader
Added Elite Siege Supply Box
NPCs will no longer have the issue of disconnecting players who speak to a NPC and move at the same time.

Novice Map Welcome NPC
Additional Script for Homunculus restriction
Welcoming new players tracing via count of login.

Dr. Yoh Enchanter
Use to enchant Flame Muffler
located at payon,143,169

Quest ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The next new Headgear quest, the FOX EARS RIBBON, is available. Speak to Valax in Nifheim (nif_in,147,25). To create this headgear you'll need the following:
5 Asprika
1 Social Token
Ancient Gold Ornament
500 Spoon Stub #7016
5000 Brigan # 7054
10 Activity Token
1 Poring Coin
Monster kill
5,000 Zombie

Skill Changelog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Performer Class
[MINSTREL/WANDERER] Sound Of Destruction
Damage Nerf by 20%
added animation delay by 500 milliseconds
Cooldown increase by 40 milliseconds

Monk Class
[CHAMPION] Asura Strike
Damage Nerf by 5%
Damage Nerf by 10%
Boosted by 5%
Boosted by 5%

Status : Not Pushed
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4 weeks ago  ·