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Welcome to VanRO private server

VanRO is a unique RO mode project that has achieved equilibrium of various hostile and alternative races and professions. Normally games can't cope with a huge list of different races. They face two main problems. One problem is lack of variety, everything seems to repeat oneself. Another problem is the disequilibrium, when one race becomes dominant in relation to another.

VanRO is the only Online private server having Hallucination walk working and tons of New customized skills to give VanRO the best gameplay Ever!

VanRO is one of a small number of games having tackled these classic problems. Having chosen any race, you can enjoy the full value of the game and can't feel oneself as the appendage of some other races: you will not make a mistake and will not regret your chose, where it is a Blacksmith or Hunter! They are of equal worth. But for your convenience, we have arranged a racial test. You may pass the test and choose the most appropriate race, according to your preferences in the game. We are the only server which follows our owns rhymes and not having always the latest update to ruins the game funs of players.


Facebook News

~~War of Emperium New Schedule~~

Normal WOE
Himinn 7:45 ~ 8:45
Andlangr 7:45 ~ 8:45
Viblainn 7:45 ~ 8:45
Hijod 7:45 ~ 8:45

Skidbladnir 9:00 ~ 10:00

Normal WOE
Nueschwanstein 7:45 ~ 8:45
Hohenschwangau 7:45 ~ 8:45
Nuemberg 7:45 ~ 8:45
Wuerburg 7:45 ~ 8:45

Rothenburg 9:00 ~ 10:00

Normal WOE
Repherion 7:45 ~ 8:45
Eeyolbriggar 7:45 ~ 8:45
Yesnelph 7:45 ~ 8:45
Bergel 7:45 ~ 8:45

Mersetdeitz 9:00 ~ 10:00

Normal WOE
Kriemhild 20:45 ~ 21:45
Swanhild 20:45 ~ 21:45
Fadhgridh 20:45 ~ 21:45
Skoegul 20:45 ~ 21:45

Gondul 22:00 ~ 23:00

Normal WOE
Mardol 7:45 ~ 8:45
Cyr 7:45 ~ 8:45
Horn 7:45 ~ 8:45
Gefn 7:45 ~ 8:45

Bandis 9:00 ~ 10:00

Normal WOE
Bright Arbor 20:45 ~ 21:45
Scarlet Palace 20:45 ~ 21:45
Holy Shadow 20:45 ~ 21:45
Sacred Altar 20:45 ~ 21:45

Bamboo Grovee Hill 22:00 ~ 23:00


Target Castle Event Reward
Added Token of War Victory
Cant be donate
Can purchase Exclusive item from Token War Trader


Token War Trader
Exclusive Costume with stats
item will not available in donations
stats will not be work if the item obtain from donations.
Prize and item rewards are not Final

if your vanro is not working. kindly download only official vanro files vanro.b-cdn.net/download/VanROLatest.zip
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7 hours ago  ·  

[2019-06-21] Updates


Airship Raid
Buwaya's Cave
Faceworm Nest
Ghost Palace
Isle of Bios and Morse Cave
Old Glast Heim
Sara's Memory
Room of Cons

Client Updates

kindly patch your client.

Notes: We are preparing for renewal def setting. all item pre-renewal defense will be increase.
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2 days ago  ·  

WIN a brand new costume! Costume Under Lamp


- LIKE/LOVE, TAG your friends (minimum of 5 friends to qualify) and SHARE (in Public) this image on your timeline then COMMENT your in-game name and say something briefly why do you love our server. "VANRO" must be written in your statement.
- The deadline will be on June 23, 2019 00:01 Server Time.
- Do not remove your LIKE/LOVE, 5 TAGS, COMMENT and SHARE. On June 30, 2019, we will check all the LIKE/LOVE, 5 TAGS, COMMENT and SHARE of each participant if it is still active to be qualified.
- From all the qualified entries, one (1) winner will be chosen via a Random Number/Name Generator (it will be LIVE! - Some time in June 30, 2019).
- The prize is Costume Under Lamp (Lower HG) (1 pc).
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2 weeks ago  ·  

VANRO: Revival of The Gods Event

- 10 man party. ( Party vs Party )
- Map Geffen tournament.
- Buff time set to 10 secs. ( No one will leave their corner until gm hosting the event says Go! )
- Max 2 parties from a guild.
- No dual registration ( If anyone found that party will be dq.
- No pets.
- No Ygg leaf, vanpriest berries.
- All skills allowed. ( I mean all )
- Gvg off arena.
- Only 1 Ranker per party.
- Max 2 of same job allowed. ( meaning 2 Suras ) Exceptions on RG ( 3 allowed )
- Berries will drop upon death.
- Spectators allowed but will be kicked if they use any skills.

Registration open until ( 30th April 2019 )
Match formats will be posted once registration is over. ( No direct knockout )
Rewards (would be announced by next week)
- Winner
- Runner up
- Conso for semi finalists only.
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2 months ago  ·